direct meditation foundation


Purpose of Direct Meditation

Direct Meditation (DM) offers spiritual initiation for those seeking a deep meditative experience. It provides a simple, profound pathway to experiencing the Universal Intelligence residing within all of us.

What is Direct Meditation?

The Direct Meditation Foundation is a group of meditators who use particular techniques and energies to move into a deep state of consciousness.

An advanced practitioner, who facilitates and supports others in their meditative experience and spiritual initiation, leads each group.

Because Direct Meditation focuses on specific techniques and experiences, rather than a set of unique beliefs, it is accessible to all people, is non-denominational, and is neither a sect nor an esoteric spiritual movement.

Direct Meditation has no leaders, or hierarchy, relying upon experienced practitioners to support fellow meditators. Within the Direct Meditation groups, all participants are equal, irrespective of their experience in the meditation techniques.

Download a brochure in PDF format about Direct Meditation or read about our courses.