direct meditation foundation


Direct Meditation Courses

Direct Meditation is broken into a number of phases as follows:

Phase One:
Introductory Session consisting of a presentation followed by questions and answers
Frequency: One session
Duration: One and half hours
Phase Two:
Quietening the mind and an initial meditation
Frequency: One night
Duration: One hour
Decision will be required by participant i.e. whether they wish to proceed
Phase Three:
The Initiation
Frequency: One night
Duration: One hour
Phase Four:
Spiritual Training & clearing
Frequency: Once / Twice per week
Duration: One hour
Phase Five:
Direct Meditation: Soul Awareness
Frequency: Once / Twice per week
Duration: One hour
Phase Six:
Direct Meditation: Soul Freedom
Frequency: Once / Twice per week
Duration: One hour
Phase Seven:
Training as an Initiator
Frequency: As determined at the time
Duration: As determined at the time

The first two phases above are free of charge. If the participant decides to continue, there will be a $50 / month contribution.

Contact for more enrolment details.


Universal Retreats

Occasionally weekend sessions will be held. These will occur in areas away from the city hustle and bustle i.e. in specially selected environments, and will run for either one full day or three nights and two days.

These will be solely focused on deep meditation - indeed be true retreats.


Direct Meditation or Corporate

‘Direct Meditation for Corporate’ is focused on bringing the benefits of meditation to the workplace.

Direct Meditation for Corporate can help you and if you are a manager your team, in the following areas:

The practice sharpens the mind, and balance one’s view - the benefits are significant.

If you are interested in:

- then please contact


The Program

Every Program will be preceded by a five – ten minute 'quiet time' followed by a short introduction by one of the Foundation members.

Refreshments will be served at the end of the program.

From time to time there may be discussions/actions centred on helping causes of worthy note.


Management of the Program

As with any gathering people of diverse background, it is important that the forum and program is managed in a proper and harmonious fashion.

In this regard, the organisers of the program will have a right to refuse entry and/or the right to request a person to leave should such a need arise.

This is noted purely to ensure that those that are attending for genuine and sincere reasons may not be disrupted by unusual, objectionable or disruptive behaviour.

Prejudgement will not occur, and any such disruptive situations arise the propagator (s) will be given ample opportunity to resolve i.e. before such refusal will occur.

After the Introductory Session, if an attendee is keen to continue, they will be asked to sign a form with regard to the above. A Direct Meditation Foundation member will explain this form in detail at the time of signing.


Teleconferencing  & Videoconferencing eg via Skype

The Foundation is currently assessing ways that interested seekers can participate in program who may not reside in Melbourne.